Fulton Prison Dean Mug Shot

Dean Winchester Caged

Fulton Prison Blues

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Dean Winchester Caged
Fulton Prison Dean Mug Shot

Title: Dean Winchester Caged Series
Author: deancaged
Character: Dean Winchester
Rating: R

Other Players: Sammy, Impala, Pie
Warning: cursing, crack, angst, food obsession, humor, angst
Disclaimer: I don't own Dean Winchester, Sammy or the Impala.
Summary: While Dean is imprisoned for crimes committed by a shape shifter, he's forced to fill out Prisoner Evaluation Forms as part of his rehabilitation. They tend to reveal more about Dean's psyche than he intends to show.

Note: I was recently introduced to Supernatural by a lady friend who said I reminded her of Dean. I'm wondering if there are any other straight guys in this fandom. Zane

Dean Winchester Caged

Fulton Dean's Mug Shot
I'm currently doing time at the Fulton State Prison for crimes a Shape Shifter wearing my face committed. I'm forced to fill out Prisoner Evaluation Forms as part of my 'rehabilitation'. I'd feel a lot more rehabilitated if someone would bring me some freaking PIE! Since I get a half hour of internet time each day and no access to porn, I thought I'd share with all of you. I'm a giver no matter what my brother Sammy says. By the way, he's the same brother who hasn't brought me any freaking PIE! Okay, so read this thing and if you're a frisky experienced woman, visit me in cell block D for Dean! I'll make it worth your while.

U & I in backseat of my Impala = Ecstasy

Just Bring Some Pie!!

Dean Winchester

Prisoner Evaluation Form:  Day Ten
Your Name: Dean Winchester
Prisoner Number: OU812
Suicidal Ideation: 0/10
Homicidal Ideation: 8/10
Amount of Sleep Last Night: Damn sight less than what I wanted or needed thanks to the chuckle head sawing logs in the bottom bunk!
Any Lucid or Vivid Dreams? Explain.: I dreamed of eating pie and woke up with my pillow in my mouth. Fuck My Life!
Moods Experienced Today: Severe upset when I realized I'd gone ten days without sex, booze or pie. Son of a Bitch!
Mood Triggers: Seeing one of the guards eating pie by the exercise yard, Seriously, WTF! He was right there and I medicinally needed that pie!
Significant Thoughts of the Day: I have to get out of here and score a fifth of Johnnie Walker Black, a double bacon cheeseburger,a  triple thick shake and a whole apple pie a la mode!
Favorite Time of Day and Why: None in this joint.
Least Favorite Time of Day and Why: All of it cause I miss my Baby! Sammy better take good care of her!
How You Are Enjoying Your Therapy: I don't need therapy. I need some freaking pie and several shots of tequila! Just saying!
Noticeable Improvements: I didn't punch anyone in the face today. So Yeah!
Additional Thoughts: I really need to contact my brother, Sammy. I haven't had any phone time since I tried to take that guard's pie. He shouldn't be eating his freaking pie in front of men who are starving! Seriously what a douche bag!

Apple Pie Loce Icon

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Thanks! Have a cold one, Dude!

I really enjoyed your take on Dean in the big house! I'm gonna visit and bring him some home made apple pie! I hope there will be more of this series!

Thanks for that Minx! I'm looking forward to that home made apple pie! Awesome! I'm working on a sexy story! I hope to post it soon!

Poor Dean isn't enjoying his time in Fulton! Can't say that I blame him! All of his fave things are out of reach until he gets back outside! I'll bring Dean some Apple Pie!

Dean can't get any of his fave things in Fulton so he's definitely Not Happy! You will improve his mood with the Apple Pie!

I can so picture Dean filling out the form and just letting it all out on the page! Great Job! More!

Thanks! I'm working on a sexy fic now. I think you'll enjoy it!

Dean is a little obsessed with Pie! LOL! I'd sure like to give him some hot luscious pie! *rawr*

Dean Loves Pie only a little less than he loves Baby! He'd love for you to give him your pie. *naughty grin*

This was fun! Poor Dean locked away from everything he loves! I'd love to visit him and bring some Apple Pie to ease his pain!

Come on over and bring that Pie Baby! Dean will be waiting for you!

Sounds like Sammy had better deliver some Pie to Dean stat!

Yeah! Sammy needs to bring Baby & some Hot Apple Pie!

If Sammy can't be bothered bringing Dean his pie, I would be pleased to help him out(perhaps baby brother is planning
A breakout).

All Dean knows is that he's had no Pie for ten days and that is ten days too long! Bring on the pie Baby!

LOL! Bloody brilliant!

Thank You! Would you mind telling me which comm you saw my post at? Also, I like your icon!

Thanks. I like your icon too. I saw this through LJ.

Thanks for letting me know! Here's to you! *clinks beer glasses*

Wow! Not many people get a Dean voice that I actually like. You most definitely did :)

Are you planning on more? I'd definitely follow...

ETA: I like your user info page, "Dean"! :D

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I'm actually surprised Dean & Sam haven't spent more time in prison. They had gotten away with a lot over the years. I just thought it would be interesting to take a peek into Dean's world if he was caged. I'm glad you like my Dean voice and my info page!
I do plan to post more of this when I get some free time.

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