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At The Party
Dean and Beer Cheers

Title: At The Party 1/2
Author: Deancaged
Pairing: Dean/Tess
Rating: NC17

Other Player: Bela
Warning: het, oral, rough sex, huge cock, cheating wife, party sex, drug use
Disclaimer: I don't own Dean
Winchester or Supernatural.
Summary: While Dean is caged up in prison, his fantasy life is his only sexual release. One of his fave fantasy scenarios stars him as a hot young actor in Hollywood who nails sexy ladies about town. His latest sexy scene features an art gallery opening and a sexy wicked vengeful wife.

A/N: A huge thanks to my friend, Nic, for the beta work and advice. You Rock, Baby!

At The Party

At the Party Dean sexy 434 h x 397

Dean had gotten a call from an ex-lover, Bela, earlier in the week. He had promised her that he'd go to her new art gallery opening. There were bound to be some incredibly hot women there drinking free champagne and feeling frisky. Dean smiled as he pushed down the accelerator in his classic black 67 Chevy Impala. He sang along to the radio as he made his way across town.

As Dean drove south the neighborhood started to become a much rougher part of LA. It was full of warehouses that were empty or closed by 5 PM, and the little neighborhoods that surrounded them were prime gang territory. But they were also filled with good people who just wanted to live in peace so there was always a tension about this part of town.

Bela was what had become known as an urban pioneer, someone who would move into a really rough area and start a new business. Hopefully, her drive and hard work would attract other businesses to the area and slowly the neighborhood would turn from rough to livable. Her art gallery was going to be the only business that was open at night in this area so there was some worry on her friends' part, but if anyone could make it happen Bela could.

It was about 10:00 when he found the small warehouse building on Avery that housed her gallery. There was a crowd of young wannabes outside smoking and he could hear a loud rock band thundering even as he parked his Baby. He walked up to the open doorway and went inside. It was a large industrial space with a high ceiling. Everything was painted white and there had been a loft put in to form a second level. The base of the loft was the wall that separated the back part of the space from the front part. The band was packed in tight to that back wall and they were pounding away at some original tune.

Dean looked around for Bela, slowly working his way through the festive crowd. He found her in the back room at a makeshift bar pouring drinks for her guests and collecting money. She saw him as she handed a drink to a young man and almost dropped the drink all over the poor guy.

"Dean!" Bela screamed. She ran around the bar and jumped into his arms giving him a big hug. "I am so glad that you made it. Thanks for coming." Then she gave him a really big kiss. "Hey, I am working my ass off here, so grab a drink and mingle. I will find you in a little bit." She handed him three fingers of Johnnie Walker Black and got back behind the bar. Dean eagerly accepted his favorite Scotch and gave Bela a huge grin. He began to move around and through people exploring her new gallery space. In the back, there was a bathroom with a shower. If someone wanted to live here, a back door opened up on to a long service hallway that ran the length of the building and the stairs that led up to the loft. Going upstairs, he found it to be a small room with a balcony that looked out over the front room. There was carpet on the floor and a couple of benches pushed up against the back wall, but otherwise, it was an unfinished space.

Wandering down again into the party, Dean made it out to the main room and looked at the photographs and painting on the walls. Some were very good and others just so-so, but he was really no expert on art. He had to admire Bela for trying to open this business in this neighborhood. He knew it would be tough but she was up for the task.

Finally, Dean began to notice the crowd. Most of them were younger than him, the early 20 something crowd. A very casual but hip LA crowd was the crowd that Bela ran in. Artists and actors and writers and anyone that thought they might want to do the artist thing. They were pretty, young, passionate, had money and time to pursue their pleasures. Dean was almost envious. He tried to listen to the band but they were just too loud for the limited space. They were cranked up almost as loud as the Rolling Stones and in this concrete floored, bare walled environment, it was deafening.

Dean started to make his way back toward the bar and snag another drink. The girls in the room by and large were very pretty. Tight jeans, high heels, short skirts, lots of toned tanned skin showing. A typical LA crowd. There were many girls to check out, but no one had made a really strong impression yet. Although as Dean moved through the room many a woman's head turned to stare as he passed. When he got back to the bar, he noticed that Bela was serving a woman in a summery print dress. It was pretty short and she sported a pair of great legs. She had on a really cute pair of Jimmy Choo sandals and candy apple red colored toe-nail polish. Dean was noticing her shapely legs and designer shoes when she turned and caught him checking her out.

"See anything you like?" she asked sarcastically.

Chuckling and slightly embarrassed, Dean responded, "Awesome shoes."

"Yeah you too," she remarked without looking down at his.

"Seriously, you have incredible legs and those are really great Jimmy Choo's."

"You know women's shoes?" She asked with a raised brow.

"Of course, it's what makes me the successful ladies man that I am today," Dean smirked. She gave him a look like he had just killed any chance with her and walked away.

Dean laughed and forgot about it. He got another drink from Bela and chatted with her for about twenty minutes until the bar got too crazy for her to talk. Wanting to get some air but avoid the crowd in the front room, he ducked out the back door and walked down the long hall toward the alley. Outside he found a group of about 8 to 10 people crowded around the entrance sharing a couple of joints, and one of them was Ms. Jimmy Choo Shoes. Dean nodded at her and she gave him a quick smile and went back to her conversation.

Dean leaned up against the wall, sipped his Scotch and listened to everyone talking. Someone eventually passed him a joint and he took a couple of hits, and passed it back. The joint came around a couple more times and he took a couple of hits each time. Suddenly, he realized that he was pretty baked. Time seemed to stand still for a while as his mind drifted. Flashing back to reality, he realized that almost everyone else had gone back inside except for him, Ms. Shoes and another guy, who was trying to chat her up. When the young guy finally got the message that the conversation was going nowhere, he when back inside to rejoin the party.

There was a big pause then Ms. Jimmy Choo Shoes turned to Dylan. "So didn't find anyone else's shoes to admire?"

"I really wasn't paying attention," Dean replied with a shrug.

"So how do you know Bela?" The woman asked.

"We dated a couple of years ago. How about you?"

"My husband is the bass player in the band." She answered.

"So why aren't you inside jamming away with the band?” Dean asked.

"Because they are so loud, and I have heard every song a thousand times. What do you do?"

He gave her the usual actor spiel and it turned out she was an actress, and they even knew some of the same people. Her name was Tess and she was having some success as an actress. Her husband and her had been married for ten years having been high school sweethearts and getting hitched right after graduation. No kids, a lot of love, but it got boring sometimes. They talked for about twenty minutes. Dean was admiring her beauty and confidence the entire time. Tess was about 5'9" with short dark hair in a pixie cut. She looked super sexy in her little floral print dress. Tess was very slim, but she appeared to have a decent pair of breasts. But it was her energy and confidence that was turning him on in a major way. She was smiling and laughing at his jokes, and they traded stories about the stupid people in the business that they both knew. He thought about suggesting they go around the corner to the little liquor store and get a bottle of something to share, but about that time her husband came through the door looking for her. Dean met the husband, Johnny, they all talked for a few more minutes, then they went inside. Dean could not honestly say that he wasn't disappointed. Tess was undeniably hot, and she had gotten him going in a big way. His cock was already halfway down his leg and they hadn't even touched.

Dean wandered back into the party and noted that about a third of the people had left. It looked like the band had gotten a few new members as several other musicians started to plug in and get tuned up to play.

About this time, Bela got up and thanked everyone for coming out to support her, and it was her pleasure to introduce an all-star jam with the band and their guests. Everyone was invited to stay as long as they wanted.

Dean walked back to the now empty bar area and got himself another glass of Scotch. He noticed a half-smoked joint in the ashtray and decided to smoke some more. He took the joint and moved up to the loft which he found completely empty. As the band started to jam right below him, he sat down on one of the benches and lit up, inhaling deeply. Almost at the same time, the lights in the loft went out and throughout the gallery they seemed to fade by at least two-thirds. Dean found himself sitting almost in the dark except for some reflected light from down below. Leaning back against the wall, he enjoyed the moment of darkness and the rush that the weed was giving him. This stuff was much more powerful than the earlier joints had been. Closing his eyes, he took a sip of his Scotch and started to allow himself to drift off to the music.

"You aren't asleep, are you?" A sultry voice asked. His eyes jumped open to find Tess sitting next to him on the bench.

"No, just enjoying the music." Dean said with a half lidded smile.

"Is there anymore of the pot left?" she asked.

"Sure," Dean said as he handed her the joint. Using his lighter, he held it for Tess as she lit up. She inhaled deeply and the glow from the lighter made her seem like the most beautiful woman in the world. He closed the lighter, and now the only light around them was the burning tip of the joint. She took another drag and then leaned forward, slowly blowing out the smoke into his mouth as he inhaled. Tess stayed close as he exhaled, then she pressed against him and kissed him on the lips. As if by slow motion, the kiss unfolded. Dean placed his hand around the back of her head, and pulled her to him. Her soft lips gave way and parted and he found her tongue. A spark of excitement fired off down inside his throbbing cock as he felt her melt against him and the intensity of the kiss increased.

Dean was lost in a haze of sexual thoughts, a surging prick in his jeans and the feel of a hot, exciting woman pressing against him. The roaring in his ears was almost as deafening as the pounding rhythm of the band below them. He almost by instinct dropped his hands down onto her tan thighs, and eased his hands up them. Sliding his hands up the soft smoothness of her thighs, he felt her legs spread apart on their own volition. Dean gently inched his hands higher and higher up her legs and under her dress until his fingertips brushed across the slippery front of her panties and his cock gave another lurch in his now constricting pants.

Continuing their deep french kiss, Dean took a chance on her passionate excitement and pushed his fingers under the elastic leg hole of Tess's clinging panties. Her legs spread out more as Dean explored the warmth and wetness between her legs. His slowly eased two fingers up into the tight clutch of her soaking pussy and a soft moan escaped from her throat.

"Ummmmm . . ."

Dean continued to push his fingers deeper into her velvet box until they were buried up to the third joint. The tight, clinging walls of her wet pussy clutched at his probing fingers. He slowly moved his fingers in and out of the hot liquid of her sex as the rippling muscles of her tight sheath grabbed at them.

"Yes, like that . . ." Tess urged him on. With her long legs spread wide, she pressed her hot, wet pussy up and down the length of his thrusting fingers. Dean roughly finger fucked her hot box, driving them in and out of the cream-filled tunnel of her sex. Her scent was so strong and heavy it overwhelmed him and filled his lust drenched brain. "Make me cum!" she panted heavily.

Continuing to eagerly drill his fingers into her wet core, Dean felt the muscles in her belly begin to quiver and tighten as her inner thighs closed around his hand. The pressure of her thighs against his hand grew stronger and stronger as the muscles and tendons under her pale skin hardened and trembled. Tess was inching closer and closer to the edge, and he could tell she was about to go over any second, then her whole body went stiff.

"Oh, God, Yesssssss . . ." She hissed out as her body began to quiver and strain, her hips moving up to gain more of his thrusting fingers into her creaming pussy. "Yessssss . . . The look of passionate release on her face was like cocaine to him as he watched her emotions play across it. Tess rode out her orgasm thrusting her hips up and driving his fingers deeper into her tight velvet box. Finally, she stumped against the wall, dazed from the intensity of the passion. Dean brought his fingers out of her dripping pussy and dropped to his knees in front of her. Although, he couldn't clearly see her eyes, he knew that she was watching him.

"I hope you locked the door downstairs," Dean said as he reached under her dress and found the waistband of her panties. "Maybe," is all she said in response.

Nodding, Dean gently began to pull down her panties over the rounded swell of her hips. Tess lifted her ass and let him pull them down her thighs, then down her calves. When he got to her ankles, she lifted her high heels off the floor and he pulled them off her feet. Tossing the panties up on the cushioned bench, he placed his hands on smooth skin of her knees and slowly pushed her legs apart. Even in the extremely dim light, he could see that between her long, outstretched legs, the lips of her pussy covered were with her wet juices as they softly glistened in the reflected light from below. They appeared swollen as Dean stared at her exposed treasures. Running his fingers over the wet, satiny folds of Tess' sex, he gently fingered them apart revealing the dripping opening. He started to drop his head to taste her, but she stopped him with a hand on his forehead.

"What are you going to do?" Tess asked. Her face was half-hidden in the darkness.

"Eat you, I hope," he whispered as the band thundered on below them.

More Coming Soon

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Dean is so damn sexy! How come I never meet guys at parties who are like him! I want to trade places with Tess! I'm anticipating an explosively erotic second chapter!

They are damn few real men like Dean! You're really gonna want to trade places with Tess in the nuclear hot conclusion! The second chapter is holy hell hot!

There are never gorgeous guys like Dean around the art galleries in my home town! I am looking forward to more!

Dean is definitely one of a kind! I'll be posting the hot as blazes conclusion soon!

I love the way you right Dean! He is such a stud and so confident! That is so sexy in a man! More! Purrrrr......

I know Dean would love to spend some time with you in the back seat of the Impala. You sexy little blond Kitten! Roar!

It's always a pleasure to read your naughty horny Dean! I hope you'll post Act 2 soon!

It's always my pleasure to write naughty horny Dean! The hot as blazes conclusion will be posted soon!

Dean is such a hot sensual man! The way you write him makes me swoon! I'll be watching for the steamy climax of this sexy party!

I'm sure Dean would love the chance to make you swoon in person! I'll try to post the holy hell hot conclusion soon!

I think Dean is gonna have his hands full with this! I think she's on a mission!

I think you've got the right idea but Dean may just turn the tables on Tess!

Dean sure doesn't waste any time! Whew! He knows how to party!

Dean goes for what he wants! The party is gonna get a lot hotter very soon!

I's love to go to a party like that! I think Dean has gotten hold of a wild woman in those Jimmy Choo Shoes!

Dean does know how to party! He's gonna have one hell of a wild time with Mrs Jimmy Choo Shoes!

I would love to meet your hot movie star Dean! He sure knows how to get a ladies motor running!

I think movie star Dean would love to meet you sexy Kitty! He could definitely start your engine purring!

I never get invites to cool parties like that! Awesome first post!
I want more!

Things are going to get blazing hot in the next post!

Now that's the kind of party I want to go too with a guy like Dean! He is smoking hot!

The party's gonna get even hotter in the sexy steamy conclusion!

Very nice start! I'm sure you're gonna turn up the heat in the next post!

Dean is gonna start a wildfire of passion in the steamy conclusion!

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